Hanoi-based Activist Barely Escapes from Being Robbed by  Under-covered Policemen

Mr. Nguyen Tuong Thuy at one of visits to families of prisoners of conscience

Defend the Defenders, June 6, 2018


Hanoi-based pro-democracy campaigner and human rights defender Nguyen Tuong Thuy said his private house has been attacked by under-covered policemen who tried to rob him after he conducting money transfer at home.

Mr. Thuy, a member of a charity group Bau Bi Tuong Than (People’s Solidarity), said at 4.30 PM of June 6, a bank dealer came to his house in Thanh Tri district to hand over to him a donation of a person to the group.

Few minutes after the transfer was madeand the dealer left his house, a group of around ten men in plainclothes appeared and forcebly entered his house. They blocked his wife and went to the second floor where Mr. Thuy went to put the money to the family’s safe.

Alerted by his wife, Thuy locked himself in his room so they could not break in.

After few minutes failing to break in, the men left the house.

Mr. Thuy’s wife said four of the men blocked her so she couldnt call for help from neighbors. The men told her that they are police so there is no need to make noise.

When the men came, she was with her 18-month son. The baby was so scared with the men, and one of them stepped on his hand while trying to block his grandmother.

Mr. Thuy, who is also a vice president of the unregistered Independent Journalist Association of Vietnam, suggested that the men gained the transfer’s information from the bank or eavesdropped the telephone conversation between him and the bank staff so they knew about the transfer and organized the rob attempt.

Mr. Thuy plans to report the incident to the local police, however, he does not expect they will seriously investigate the case.

Many activists and their relatives have been robbed by under-covered police in similar way, said Mr. Thuy. The victims included the wives of former prisoner of conscience Vi Duc Hoi and Nguyen Trung Ton, and freelance journalist Nguyen Dinh Ha immediately after they took out money from banks or conducted transfers with bank agents.

Bau Bi Tuong Than is a group receiving financial supports from Vietnamese in the country and overseas and re-distribute to activists and victims of the communist regimes, including land petitioners. Their main targets are prisoners of conscience and suppressed activists and their relatives.