Religious Activist Hua Phi Humiliated, Beaten by Lam Dong Police and Thugs

Religious activist Hua Phi after being assaulted by police on June 22, 2018

Defend the Defenders, June 22, 2018


Sub-dignitary Hua Phi, chair of Representative Committee of the Popular Bloc of Cao Dai Church and a member of the unsanctioned organizationInter-Faith Council of Vietnam, has been humiliated and beaten by police and thugs in his private residence.

The incident happened at around 7 PM of June 22 in his private residence in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province, his family told Defend the Defenders.

Mr. Phi said when his family was taking dinner, a man introduced himself as policeman Long of the Hiep Thanh commune knocked his house’s door.

When Phi opened the door, a group of around ten uniformed police officers and plainclothes agents stormed in his house, covered his head with clothes, and started to beat him.

When Mr. Phi fell unconscious, they stopped, cutting off part of his beard and threatening other members of the family before leaving.

The family said that three hours earlier, at 4 PM of the same day, two police officers from the Duc Trong district police came to hand over a summoning letter to request him to go to the communal government building in the morning of Saturday to work with the local authorities on his failure to obey by their decision on imposing an administrative fine on him.

Advocating for religious freedom, Mr. Phi has been under constant harassment from the Lam Dong province’s police who regularly place him under house arrest, including the time in November last year when Vietnam hosted APEC Summit in the central city of Danang.