Objecting Injustice, Labor Activist Hoang Duc Binh and Many Other Prisoners of Conscience in An Diem Prison Camp Refuse to Eat Prison Food, Only Consume Family Supplies

Labor activist Hoang Duc Binh


Defend the Defenders, July 23, 2021


Labor activist Hoang Duc Binh and many other prisoners of conscience in An Diem Prison camp in Vietnam’s central province of Quang Nam are denying food supplied by the prison for months, consuming only the food provided by their families, his family has told Defend the Defenders.

In his telephone conversation on July 21, Mr. Hoang Duc Binh told his family that he and three others named Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh, Mr. Le Duc Dong, and Mr. Phan Cong Hai have stopped eating prison food nearly three months ago in a bid to protest the injusticed sentences imposed on them.

However, the food supplied to them by their families is not enough as they are allowed to receive a maximum six kilograms of food and VND1.5 million ($65) which will be used to purchase groceries from the prison’s canteen at prices much higher than the market prices. Due to the food shortage, Hoang Duc Binh’s health has reportedly worsened seriously.

Mr. Hoang Duc Binh, 38, is a vice chairman of the unregistered group Viet Labor Movement. He was arrested in May 2017 amid the crackdown on activists demanding investigation against the Taiwanese giant firm Formosa in dumping its industrial waste in Vietnam’s coast which caused a catastrophic environmental disaster in the central coastal region in 2016. Later, he was convicted of “resisting on-duty state officials” and “abusing democratic freedom,” and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh and Mr. Le Duc Dong, two member of religious group An Dan Dai Dao, was sentenced to 12 years in prison on the fabricated allegation subversion in 2012 while Mr. Phan Cong Hai was given give years in prison after being convicted of “conducting anti-state propaganda” for his Facebook posts in 2020.